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Divorce and family disputes can be some of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable matters to have to discuss in front of others and a formal Florida court setting.

What is Florida Family Mediation?

At Pyfrom Law Firm, we help parties avoid the messy, ugly divorce through mediation in Florida. In mediation, a mediator will guide you and your spouse in addressing all disputes and effectively communicating your viewpoints. Mediation allows you both to take charge and reach a settlement agreement that is especially suited for you and your family’s needs in South Florida. Through this method, the marriage is commonly brought to an amicable conclusion with minimal trauma and expense.

What is the Role of Divorce/Family Mediator in South Florida?

During mediation, the mediator serves a neutral third-party that facilitates communication between both parties to understand each point of view.

Let’s face it, you and your spouse or significant other, know your issues better than anyone else. When you can communicate effectively — with the help of a professional South Florida mediator — the parties can reach an agreement through mediation that will be enforced by the Florida courts. Depending on the complexity of the divorce or family disputes, the parties may need to meet for more than one mediation session in South Florida.

What Are the Benefits of South Florida Family Mediation?

If you are considering mediation in Florida to resolve divorce or family disputes, below is a list of generally produced by mediation:

Less Expensive – Mediation is usually less expensive than litigation and can minimize attorney fees. 

Faster Resolution – When parties want to get on with their lives, mediation is desirable as it produces rapid results.

Compliance – Compliance is highly likely when parties have reached their agreement in mediation simply because they have set their terms.

Personal Empowerment – People who have gone through the mediation process have reported feeling empowered by negotiating and reaching an agreement on their own.

What Can I Resolve Through Mediation?

The following items can be resolved through divorce and family mediation in South Florida:

  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Division of Property

Should I Mediate My Case?

If you are interested in a confidential, cost-effective, and timely alternative to Florida litigation, you should consider mediation. There are many benefits to mediation, like the preservation of an amicable relationship and compliance. If you are unsure whether or not mediation in Florida can help your complex situation, contact Pyfrom Law Firm for a free consultation on how we can assist you in resolving your dispute.


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