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Understanding Florida Long-term Care and Florida Medicaid with a West Palm Beach Elder Law Attorney

Understanding Long-term Care Planning in Palm Beach County

The life expectancy in the United States continues to rise, and planning for long-term care is essential for enjoying your golden years. Florida long-term care planning involves planning for the future cost of care; that care includes Palm Beach County nursing homes, in-home care, or community living. Unfortunately, these long-term care options are costly in West Palm Beach, Florida. Many aging Americans who don’t plan for long-term care costs end up spending their retirement, life savings, and valuable assets on the cost of elder care in Florida. A West Palm Beach elder law attorney, like Juan Pyfrom, can help you or a loved one plan for care costs without spending down your assets in Palm Beach County.

Understanding Florida Medicaid Planning

Florida Medicaid planning can be very complex, but with an experienced Palm Beach County elder law attorney on your side, you can prepare for the possibility of long-term care. Applying for Florida Medicaid can be a massive benefit towards protecting your assets, especially if you require nursing home care or in-home care, as these health care services can be expensive. Without Medicaid or long-term care planning in Florida, you or your loved ones will be responsible for the out-of-pocket cost of monthly elder care in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Homemaker Services $50,336 Adult Day Health Care $16,900 Semi-Private Room $104,025
Home Health Aide $51,480 Assisted Living Facility $44,400 Private Room $117,804



Medicaid is a Federal and State program with varying rules from state to state. If you live in Florida and need Medicaid, Florida’s Medicaid state rules apply to you or your loved one. Seeking the guidance of an expert Palm Beach County attorney in Medicaid planning who understands Florida’s specific Medicaid qualifications and application process for approval can be a massive benefit for your future health care or West Palm Beach nursing home needs. Our West Palm Beach law office can help your loved ones navigate the Medicaid rules in Florida.

Medicaid Penalty Planning in West Palm Beach, FL

It is essential to understand Medicaid qualifications with the guidance of an experienced Florida Medicaid penalty planning attorney to avoid some of the Medicaid penalties.  Without the aid of Medicaid, the cost of a nursing home can wipe out your hard-earned assets and plans to leave an inheritance for your children or grandchildren. Our West Palm Beach Medicaid Planning law firm can help you protect your life’s savings from being spent down to pay for long-term care.

The Value of Having a Florida Elder Law Attorney in Your Corner

As Florida elder law attorneys, we help you plan for various issues, including necessary estate planning, both for your spouse and generationally, long-term care planning, long-term care options, asset protection and placement, and so much more. Pyfrom Law’s Florida eldercare planning addresses legal, financial, medical, and social issues more and more people face every day.

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